Blue Topaz Teardrop Earrings in Gold

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These small 9x16mm gemstone teardrop earrings are hand crochet using 14kt gold fill wire. Each stone is unique and colors will vary. These are very lightweight!



Blue Topaz

•Soothe • Recharge • Heal•

✨Blue Topaz is known as the gemstone of love, affection and good fortune. It’s a stone that will enhance forgiveness and truth and bring lot’s of joy, abundance, generosity and good health. Blue Topaz is known to soothe, recharge, heal, stimulate and redirect the energies of the body to where they’re required the most. 

It is a gemstone that will help you have a sweet and happy disposition by releasing the tensions in your body, heart and mind. It works to help promote honesty, openness, self control and self realization. Blue Topaz is especially good for problem solving and expressing your thoughts and emotions.

It’s generally worn to help stabilize emotions and help you to become more receptive to love and affection from all sources.

Blue Topaz Teardrop Earrings in Gold