About The Artist

Arivka Jewelry is handmade by designer Aimee Rivka in her Lake Tahoe studio. As a California native, Aimee's passion for nature, gemstones and unique design led her to start handcrafting her own jewelry at a young age.
Knowing that creating her own designs is what she ultimately wanted to do, she took the risk and dove wholeheartedly into her design business in the summer of 2010.
"I am continually inspired by the world around me. My pieces are inspired by the breathtaking color and serenity of nature."
Each stone is personally selected and hand crochet using fine wire. This Unique technique creates a bezel around the stone holding it in, yet allows the wearer to absorb the positive energy that each stone exudes.
Did you know:
Aimee's great grandmother taught her how to crochet when she was a little girl. She used to crochet blankets and clothing eventually fine tuning the art into smaller mediums paving the pathway to what you see today.
Aimee's love of the natural beauty of gemstones led her to study Gemology at the Gemological Institute Of America. Prior to studying at G.I.A. Aimee worked behind the scenes for several successful jewelry companies as a product designer.
Arivka Jewelry is committed to socially responsible sourcing and manufacturing and minimizing environmental impact. We draw upon nature both for design inspiration and for the materials that we use to  create our jewelry: Therefore it is our responsibility to be sensitive to our environment.
Each style is one of a kind with timeless romantic, feminine beauty and meticulous craftsmanship. You can see the love in the pieces. The stones are transformed into wearable treasures you can wear now and forever.
Thank you for supporting my small business! It's people like you who make this all possible. By purchasing from a small business like myself, you help support our local economy. You are also getting an amazing piece of jewelry that you know has been handled with the utmost of care. Enjoy your jewelry knowing that with your purchase you have helped make a positive impact.