Jewelry Care

Thank you for purchasing our jewelry!
All of our designs are created using either Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold Fill, 14kt White Gold or 14kt Yellow Gold.
Since your jewelry is made by hand crocheting wire around natural gemstones, it is very delicate to care for. Here are our suggested jewelry cleaning tips as follows:
    After each wear of your jewelry, store it in a cool dry place such as a closed jewelry box or container. This will help it from tarnishing.

    Use a polishing cloth to help maintain and brighten your jewelry along the pattern of the crochet (not against) as to keep the metal at a high shine.

    We recommend using 'Hagerty Silver Clean' solution for your heavier cleaning needs. Simply dip your Jewelry in the solution for a few seconds using the handy basket. Rinse and buff with a soft, dry cloth to restore it's original luster.
      TIP: If lotions, makeup or anything else is caught between the crochet links, gently brush under warm water using an old toothbrush and lay out to dry.
      We hope you enjoy your new Arivka Jewelry!