14 Karat Gold Teardrop Boulder Opal Necklace

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This necklace is hand crochet using fine 14karat gold wire and fine gold rope chain with a spring ring clasp. All of the gold used is 100% refined and recycled in the USA. This stone measures about 3/4” inch long and just shy of 1/2” inch wide. This necklace is 16” long.


 Ethically mined and responsibly sourced 100% Australian boulder opals. Australian opals are considered an exemplar for responsible mining, and are arguably the most sustainable gemstones in the entire world. Knowing where our opals are mined, sourced, and cut gives us the ability to answer any questions you may have so that you have the full story behind each precious opal. This is a doublet. 

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Healing properties:


Boulder Opal 

- Originality -

Awareness• Creativity • Transformation 


The high water content of opal assists you to shift your emotions through to self awareness. This stone also helps protect you from too easily absorbing other people's energy, feelings, or thoughts. Because opal produces its colours through interference and diffraction, allow this stone to run interference for you when encountering challenging people, places or things that affect your emotions or hurt your feelings. Opal stimulates originality and dynamic creativity, it helps in accessing and expressing your true self. Opal is absorbent and reflective. It picks up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them and then sends them back. Opals are supportive when encountering mental obstacles. Use this stone to gain the perspective needed to make the shift from distraction to action. Opal amplifies traits and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation. It increases self-worth, helps you to understand your full potential.✨

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🌟Note: Care for your opals...

When storing opal gemstones for extended periods of time, place them inside a tight plastic bag with some type of moisture source, such as a damp tissue or cloth. This will prevent your precious opal from dehydration. Boulder opal is very sensitive to sudden temperature fluctuation, so try to keep boulder opal gemstones in a stable environment.

Opal gemstones and jewelry should be cleaned on a regular basis. You can use mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth to wipe them down. Since opal is quite porous, you should also avoid the use of bleach, chemicals, cosmetics or household cleaners when wearing opal jewelry.

14 Karat Gold Teardrop Boulder Opal Necklace