Prince Variscite Cuff Bracelet

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This cuff bracelet is made using 14kt gold fill. The stunning gemstone used in this cuff is Nevada mined Variscite from the Prince mine. The Prince mine is located in the Candelaria Mining District in the western part of Nevada near Tonopah. 
This particular mine produces both Turquoise and Variscite. It can be difficult to tell where the turquoise ends and the variscite begins. Some stones appear to even contain both.

✨ Prince Variscite comes in a variety of stunning shades of green. Pale to emerald-green, bluish green, colourless to white.  Colourless to pale green in transmitted light. Fun fact: Variscite was named after Variscia, an old name for Vogtland, the German district where the mineral was first discovered.

💚✨Variscite is a powerful heart activation stone, helping to release judgement and allowing disparate people and views to be united.

Variscite also helps to release negative thinking and bad habits, bringing clarity to one’s thinking and tranquillity to one’s feelings to enable simple solutions to long standing problems to be found.

It is used to enhance higher brain functions such as learning, logic and reasoning and to help in finding self acceptance.

It can help us to remember past lives and is a good meditation stone because it helps to calm and centre the mind.

Traditionally it has been used to relieve stress and ease the mind of worries and fear. Something we can all probably use right about now.

Prince Variscite Cuff Bracelet

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