Royston Turquoise And Indicolite Tourmaline Necklace In Gold

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This Necklace is created using 100% USA mined gemstones!  The gemstones measure at just shy of 3” long and about an inch wide. The necklace chain length is 24” with a 1” extension at the clasp. Total length is about 27”. All hand crochet using 100% refined and recycled 14kt Gold Fill wire and chain made in the USA. 

Using Royston Ribbon Turquoise with its emerald green areas and golden brown matrix in unique patterns. Royston Turquoise comes from the Royston mining district located near Tonopah, Nevada. The Royston hills have a historic past for being one of the top Turquoise producing locations in Nevada. Nicknamed ‘Tonopah blue gem’, turquoise from the royston hills of Nevada is one of the best producing mines of high grade natural turquoise in the United States.

The middle gemstone in this stunning necklace is Indicolite blue Tourmaline from San Diego, CA. The exact mine is unknown but the mountains of San Diego County are rich with this gemstone. 

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Healing properties of this necklace 


-The Master Healer-

Health • Protection • Wisdom 

The most legendary of all the stones, Turquoise has reached rock star status in the world of healing minerals. It’s blue-green shade made an appearance in ancient Egypt where it was incorporated into protective amulets for the likes of King Tut and Cleopatra. Turquoise is considered a sacred stone by the Native Americans, who used it as a powerful healing tool for creating a connection between heaven and earth. According to persian legend, turquoise was believed to bring good luck when it reflected the light of the new moon.✨


Indicolite Tourmaline


Truth• Intuition• Spirit 

Blue Tourmaline evokes the tranquility of deep blue water gliding well beneath its surface. It invites the surrender of all thought to the solitude of a liquid silence, a grateful world of letting go... then rising to the light. In the metaphysical world, it is a crystal of spirit and peace., providing for deep meditation and bringing past hurts to the surface for healing. It encourages the release of emotional bonds and frees the mind to explore a higher consciousness and spiritual connection. A crystal of the throat and third eye chakras, it aids in increasing access to higher levels of intuition and may amplify the psychic gifs of clairvoyance and spirit communication. Tourmaline is a shamanic stone and is used to provide protection during ritual work. It is traditionally used to point out a cause of trouble or an offender, and to indicate a good direction in which to move.✨

Royston Turquoise And Indicolite Tourmaline Necklace In Gold
Royston Turquoise And Indicolite Tourmaline Necklace In Gold
Royston Turquoise And Indicolite Tourmaline Necklace In Gold
Royston Turquoise And Indicolite Tourmaline Necklace In Gold