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By R. J. Balkan

ISBN-10: 906299198X

ISBN-13: 9789062991983

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Ellis Jr. and H. pmd 19 12/5/2003, 12:40 PM 20 Round Table wanted to see children. And that bothered me. I love children. I had a lot of them. I said, something is wrong here. This is a specialty that has to be changed. And that is when I made a dedication to spend my life in ophthalmology in establishing a recognizable subspecialty in that field. And then I very fortunately learned about Dr Costenbader, and everything took over from there. Now you say, what would be changed? I can’t think of a thing that I would want to be changed in my life.

Surgical treatment of a visually significant congenital cataract Once a visually significant cataract is diagnosed in a neonate, time is of the essence and immediate action is necessary. Critical to success is the parents’ involvement. Parents must be counseled about amblyopia and the importance of maintaining a clear image. The basic strategy is three-fold: 1. , binocular light occlusion); 2. establish a clear retinal image as soon as possible; and 3. occlude the good eye to stimulate the amblyopic eye if ocular dominance is present.

Each has done his own research. They have followed different paths, some more clinical, some more laboratory-oriented, but they are all outstanding in their field, and they are all responsible for those of us in this room who do something approaching what they do. They have trained directly or indirectly virtually everyone in American ophthalmology today. Each has learned presumably from his experiences and from his research, and has changed the way he practices or the thought processes he has as he observes patients with strabismus and other problems.

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