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By Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Montenbruck, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Pfleger (auth.)

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Yo Zo and X + cos A . x" - sin A . 4 Precession y + sin A . x" + cos A . 7) 0~/000006T3 = II+p . II and Aare the angles between the x' / x"-ms and the vern-al equinox T 0 at epoch To (xo-ms), and the vernal equinox T at epoch To + T (x-ms), respectively. p denotes precession in longitude, because the change in the vernal equinox mainly takes place in ecliptic longitude. 10) 20 2. 11) + cos f} The most onerous part of calculating precession is determining the values for the various angles and for aij.

Possible grazing contacts with the horizon are thus difficult to establish using the iteration method. Because of this, the SUNSET program is based on another principle. The rising and setting times are determined by inverse interpolation of aseries of solar and lunar altitudes. This does require a greater computational effort, but leads to a significant simplification of the program's structure. 7 Quadratic Interpolation If we calculate a table of altitudes at hourly intervals, it is then possible to represent the behaviour of the altitudes as a function of time through a simple interpolation function.

If we multiply the hour angle by this factor, we obtain what is known as the semi-diurnal are. This is half the overall time that the star is visible above the horizon. For a given right ascension a* of astar, the sidereal time at the instant of rising or setting is given by CI ClR/S - - { a* a* l' + l' for rise for set . 9973 . (es - e o) after midnight. In contrast to the coordinates of the stars, those of the Sun and the Moon alter noticeably during the course of a day. In order to calculate the hour angle and the times of rising and setting from the equations just given, however, we require the right ascension and declination at the moment the bodies cross the horizon.

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