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By Jean Meeus

ISBN-10: 0943396220

ISBN-13: 9780943396224

Meeus J. Astronomical formulae for calculators (4ed., Willmann-Bell, 1988)(ISBN 0943396220)

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276–292 (287). 21 R. Kilian, „Die Hoffnung auf Heimkehr in der Priesterschrift“, Bibel und Leben 7 (1966), pp. 39–51. 22 K. Elliger, “Sinn und Ursprung der priesterlichen Geschichtserzählung“, Zeitschrift für Theologie und Kirche 49 (1952), pp. 121–143. 24 Needless to say, the equation Sinai = Zion is not found in the text. 28 The traditional date in the Persian era thus remains safely between extremes. Because Pg is the most recent ‘source’ or document of the Pentateuch (D notwithstanding), it constitutes the most reliable textual basis.

This though is an inferior text that suffers from incoherence with regards to its quantitative numbers. When one reads the Bible’s account of the Flood, not only does he bear witness to divine punishment and salvation; he may also become aware of the synchronization of different texts and calendars. Discussing the numbers therein opens the way for a new methodology of cross-referencing of the source-theory. Since numerology is a non-conditional language, it can be applied to text in whatever language (with whichever of God’s names).

45). 33 Although Pg opens with a magnificent celebration of the seven-day week (Genesis 1), it has not yet been studied from the point of view of calendars. Among the three hypotheses concerning the end of Pg, I favour the long version that spans from Genesis to Joshua,34 that is from creation to the first Passover in the land, the end of manna (Josh. 5:10–12) or even as far as the death notices of Joshua and Eleazar (Josh. 24:29–33). Pg provides a comprehensive presentation of the Hebrews’ origin and the celebration of the beginning of a new era in Palestine, the transfer to Persian rule.

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