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3 Postulates of a Dynamic Phonology As stated above, if there is some observable set of relationships that obtain between the various phonetic characteristics, then we are obligated by the inner approach — by the principle that the science of phonology must be based upon the best available scientific evidence — to abstract the r e l a t i o n ­ ships and use them in organizing the phonology. The evidence from physiolog­ ical and acoustic phonetics w i l l not support an organization of features and oppositions in the phonology based upon the notions of segmentation, but it w i l l support an organization based upon principles of the hierarchical applica­ tion of features in dynamic c o a r t i c u l a t i o n (hierarchical in the sense of Mermelstein 1973).

Perkell's measurements from cine­ radiographic f i l m are instrumental in the development of the 1973 model, as are the measurements of Mermelstein et a l . (1971). Not all of the phoneticians who have contributed to the development of the a r t i c u l a t o r y model are concerned w i t h merely static descriptions. For example, Öhman (1966) notes that i t is necessary to take anticipation into consideration in the construction of any model (acoustic or physiological). Furthermore, Öhman attempts to relate the overlapping movements of the ar­ ticulators to separate neural instructions (compare Lieberman 1970).

O. Jones 1969). Moreover, an obstruction prosody need not occur in conjunction w i t h any (phonologically pertinent) obstruction. culine indefinite a r t i c l e (number) un For example, in the French mas­ 'one' the nasal prosody is realized without the dental obstruction that one finds in the feminine form une [yn]. Functionally, i t is indeed obstructional, as illustrated by the alternation itself. O f t e n , the g l o t t a l f r i c a t i v e / h / is also best analyzed in this way, as in the mutation system of Welsh (compare chap.

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