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But several writers have emphasised that vertical crustal movements on a wide and impressive scale seem to be implicit in the Proterozoic-Palaeozoic geology of central Europe. R. Belousov's work (1966) has engendered a school of 'vertical tectonics'. Sloss and Speed (1974) are among those who have emphasised the vertical components in the evolution of cratons and their sedimentary cover. Sedimentary Basins In a general discussion major depositional basins may be ascribed to categories wherein it is the type of crust that serves as a foundation; the proximity to a plate margin and the type of plate junctions nearest to the basin are then the basic criteria (Dickinson, 1974; Dineley, 1979; Bally and Snelsdon, 1980).

1::>... ~ ~ ..... 6. Major unconformity- bounded sequences (synthems) in North America. The stippled area represents significant or large gaps in the record; the dashed and unshaded areas represent strata of the (alternate) sequences. Thus six continent-embracing episodes of uplift and erosion have been recognised during which time the sea withdrew towards the continental margins. Similar, but not exactly equivalent, sequences are apparent in Eurasia and other continents. sea level several times during at least the Phanerozoic eon (Steiner's (1973) postulated galactic cause for these changes has not been accepted by subsequent writers).

These may be regarded as the side-effects of orogeny at continental margins in some instances, but the mechanisms that lead to cratonic basin formation have commonly still to be demonstrated in more than a most general way (Bott, 1976; McKenzie, 1978). Mitchell and Reading's (1978) rather similar synopsis of plate-tectonic settings for sedimentary basins postulates the following settings (see also Bally and Snelsdon, 1980): I. Spreading-related. (a) Intracontinental rifts, (b) failed rifts -long-lived deep linear troughs or aulacogens, (c) intercontinental rifts that give passive continental (Atlantic) type margins and basins.

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