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By William Shakespeare

ISBN-10: 0497261820

ISBN-13: 9780497261825

This variation is written in English. besides the fact that, there's a operating Spanish word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variations of As you love It. This variation will be beneficial for those who might

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Ravens: cuervos. rebellious: rebelde. rotten: podrido, corrompido. store: tienda, almacenar, almacén, la tienda, memoria, depósito. sweat: sudor, sudar, transpirar. thrifty: económico, ahorrativo. weakness: debilidad. we'll: Haremos. % ADAM. -From seventeen years till now almost fourscore Here lived I, but now live here no more. At seventeen years many their fortunes seek; But at fourscore it is too late a week: Yet fortune cannot recompense me better Than to die well and not my master's debtor.

Music: música. nose: nariz, la nariz, proa. pouch: valija, bolsa. sans: sin. saws: serrar. scarce: escaso. scene: escena, escenario. shank: zanca, vástago, caña. shrunk: encogido. sixth: sexto, sexta. sound: sonido, sonar, ruido, tocar, sano, sondear, legítimo, auscultar, sólido, oscilación acústica, vibración acústica. spectacles: gafas, lentes, anteojos. taste: gusto, saborear, sabor, probar, catar. tooth: diente, el diente. toward: hacia, a. treble: triple, triplicarse. trouble: molestar, prueba, inconveniente, incomodar, molestia, perturbación, problema, dificultad, avería, esfuerzo.

Yields: cede, rinde, renta. 58 As You Like It For %it is unpeopled? No; Tongues I'll hang on every tree That shall civil sayings show: Some, how brief the life of man Runs his erring pilgrimage, That the streching of a span Buckles in his sum of age. Some, of violated vows 'Twixt the souls of friend and friend; But upon the fairest boughs, Or at every sentence end, Will I Rosalinda write, Teaching all that read to know The quintessence of every sprite Heaven would in little show.

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