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Download Arduino Programming with .NET and Sketch by Agus Kurniawan PDF

By Agus Kurniawan

ISBN-10: 1484226593

ISBN-13: 9781484226599

Leverage .NET and comic strip on your Arduino improvement implementation and combine it into your .NET program.

There are many Arduino types and appropriate shields that may be utilized in Arduino forums. Integrating among an Arduino platform and .NET know-how or cartoon can produce extra advantages. Arduino Programming utilizing .NET and Sketch shows readers easy methods to accomplish that with practical Arduino initiatives, comparable to getting ready a improvement setting, acting sensing and actuating with exterior units, enforcing home windows distant Arduino and construction an easy IoT program.

Use this fast connection with examine the fundamentals of the Arduino platform for a number of types and begin your Arduino programming in .NET and caricature this day.

What you are going to Learn:
  • Learn the fundamentals of the Arduino platform
  • Prepare and organize an Arduino improvement environment
  • Develop an Arduino application utilizing .NET and Sketch 
  • Implement home windows distant Arduino
  • Build an easy IoT program
Who This e-book Is For:

.NET and comic strip builders who are looking to examine Arduino programming.

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First, attach three LEDs into the Arduino board. The following is our wiring: • Connect LED 1 to digital pin 12. • Connect LED 2 to digital pin 11. • Connect LED 3 to digital pin 10. • Connect all other LED pins (GND pin) to GND pin. You can see this wiring in Figure 2-11. NET and Arduino Figure 2-11. NET application. read(); if(inputData=='1'){ digitalWrite(led1, HIGH); digitalWrite(led2, LOW); digitalWrite(led3, LOW); } if(inputData=='2'){ digitalWrite(led1, LOW); digitalWrite(led2, HIGH); digitalWrite(led3, LOW); } if(inputData=='3'){ digitalWrite(led1, LOW); digitalWrite(led2, LOW); digitalWrite(led3, HIGH); } } } This program will listen incoming messages from serial port on loop() function.

Basically, we have implemented the same approach on the previous section. However, Firmata protocol provides a more general model to communicate between the Arduino board and the computer. com/firmata/protocol. In order for Arduino to understand our commands from the computer, we should run the Firmata program in the Arduino boards. You can find this program in Arduino IDE, by clicking menu File ➤ Examples ➤ Firmata ➤ StandardFirmata. Figure 2-13. NET and Arduino After it’s clicked, you can see the Sketch program for Firmata in Arduino IDE.

We connect digital pin 11 to digital pin 12, as shown in Figure 2-5. NET and Arduino Figure 2-5. Connecting MISO and MISO pins Now we start to build the Arduino program. In this case, we send data over SPI and wait for incoming data from SPI. This program is an SPI loopback in which input and output SPI pins are connected. cc/en/ Reference/SPI) to access the SPI protocol. transfer() function to send and receive data. The program will send random numbers to SPI. Open Arduino IDE and write the following code.

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