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By Claude Boyd, Aaron McNevin

ISBN-10: 0470959193

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N. Whitis, and A. Gross. 2000. Environmental assessment of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, farming in Alabama. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 31:511–544. Brown, T. , J. A. Chappell, and C. E. Boyd. 2011. A commercial-scale, in-pond raceway system for Ictalurid catfish production. Aquacultural Engineering 44:72–79. Brune, D. , G. Schwartz, A. G. Eversole, J. A. Collier, and T. E. Schwedler. 2003. Intensification of pond aquaculture and high rate photosynthetic systems. Aquacultural Engineering 28:65–86.

Edu/globalchange2/current/lectures/pop socio/pop socio. html). This situation allowed only a slow increase in population and famines, wars, and disease epidemics could cause population growth to slow, and at times, global population decreases occurred. However, around 1750 scientific and technological advances in nearly all human pursuits, and especially in sanitation and medicine, lead to a decline in death rates in the more developed countries. There was a great increase in population growth but the birth rate soon began to decline in these countries.

2000). The water passing through raceways and other culture systems can be pumped back to the grow-out units and reused. An example of this methodology is illustrated in Fig. 12. 11 Example of a net pen culture system. 12 Schematic of an outdoor, water reuse system for tilapia culture. The water from culture units is passed through a sedimentation pond to remove the coarse solids and then held in a pond for natural water purification before reuse. In some systems, one or more additional species are cultured in the treatment pond.

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