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The USDA claimed that it lacked the funds and staff to handle the paperwork and inspections that covering this huge number of animals would require. Furthermore, it said, including rats, mice, and birds in the AWA was unnecessary because their care was already regulated by guidelines published by the Public Health Service and the National Institutes of Health, which all federally funded researchers must follow. The groups’ early lawsuits were thrown out, either directly or on appeal, because the organizations could not demonstrate standing to sue, but in September 2000 a district court judge granted standing to one plaintiff, a student who worked in a college psychology laboratory and claimed aesthetic injury from seeing mistreatment of the rats there.

Most of the eggs are sold, but some are kept to produce new chickens. Since they cannot be egg layers, males are killed almost immediately after birth. Females, which will become new laying hens, usually have the ends of their beaks and sometimes their toes cut off with a hot blade so that they will 27 Animal Rights not be able to peck or scratch one another, a natural aggressive tendency that can develop into cannibalism in the close confines of the battery cages. Broiler chickens—those intended to be sold as meat—are bred from different lines and raised on different farms.

Since the operations (spaying especially) were expensive, some shelters opened low-cost spay and neuter clinics to help lowincome people afford them. This action produced an outcry from veterinarians, who felt that the shelter groups were unfairly using the tax advantages of their nonprofit status to offer services at a lower price than the veterinarians could. Some veterinarians, as well as some pet owners, also questioned whether sterilization was good for the animals. Today, virtually all animal protection groups, and many people who adopt companion animals as well, agree that the animals should be sterilized.

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