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The third case shows that there is a symmetry which is a time-rhythm portrayed in space, whilst all audible time-rhythms (musical sounds) originate as space-rhythms (space vibrations) portrayed in time. Space-rhythms resulting from translation and time-rhythms or periodicity can be traced back to a single principle. This predominating principle is recognizable, both in time and space, as the recurrence of identity at identical intervals. If we still do not call symmetry this recurrence of identity at identical intervals then: Time-rhythm is the recurrence of identity at the same time intervals.

K± and K2 stand normal to the earlier so-called plane of deformation and in it lie kx and k2 as the traces of Kt and K2, and that ellipse of the strain-ellipsoid which contains the longest diameter (A) and shortest diameter (C) of the latter. If the initial sphere has radius 1, then the ellipsoid diameters are A >B(= \)>c(=^ The angle// made by a circular section with the ellipsoid diameter A isgivenbytan \i = \\A. The normal to K1 makes with Kx after the affine deformation by gliding the angle 90 — 0 and hence is inclined at the angle of shear .

The two superimposed time-rhythmic events, which engender the space-rhythmic features which alone may at first be perceptible, may be, for example, two mutually independent periodic changes of two different components of a stratification, perhaps the mechanical and the biological, of which the periodic total effect becomes evident in relation to atmospheric influences and is observed by geologists. This effect of superimposition is then only correctly understood as such, and search for another cause with the period of the effect of superimposition is fruitless or misleading.

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