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By Alison R. Bernstein

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The effect of global struggle II on Indian affairs used to be extra profound and lasting than that of the other occasion or policy--including Roosevelt’s Indian New Deal and efforts to terminate federal accountability for tribes below Eisenhower. concentrating on the interval from 1941 to 1947, Alison R. Bernstein explains why termination and tribal self-determination have been logical result of the Indians’ global conflict II reports in conflict and at the domestic entrance.

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They did not question whether these newly formed tribal governments would disrupt traditional decision-making patterns. In this sense, the act was not as pure an attempt to preserve the Indian way of life as its defenders insisted. In fact, the act drew opposition from traditionalist and assimilated Indians alike. Both of these groups rejected Collier's efforts to alter the status quo, namely, existing tribal structures in the former case and the successful efforts of earlier integration policies in the latter.

Looking back, despite Collier's claims and those of his critics, the Indian New Deal was not as radical a shift in overall policy as either side had suggested. Although Collier championed Indian rights and the tribal way of life, he did so by relying on non-Indian political and cultural organizations such as constitutions, business charters, and even an Arts and Crafts Board headed by whites which certified the authenticity of native works. Collier's IRA governments were so closely patterned on white models and thinking that they seldom resembled traditional tribal governments.

Page v To my mother and to the memory of my father, Robert Bernstein Page vii Contents List of Illustrations ix Preface xi 1. Indian Affairs on the Eve of the War 3 2. Indians and the Draft 22 3. The "Chiefs" Go to War 40 4. The Indian Home Front: A Study in Changes 64 5. The BIA Under Attack: An Agency in Search of a Function 89 6. Indians Enter the Political Mainstream 112 7. Postwar Uncertainties: The Warriors and War Workers Return 131 8. The War's Aftermath: Turning American Indians into Indian Americans 159 Notes 177 Bibliography 225 Index Page ix Illustrations Banning the Swastika, 1940 20 Papago Indians sign up for the draft 25 Members of the Iroquois Confederacy resist draft 29 Menominee chief, 1943 45 Indian women Marine Corps reservists 47 Private, First Class, Ira Hayes, at Paratroop School 51 Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, flag raisers 52 North Carolina Cherokee mother buying war bonds, 1944 69 Commissioner John Collier interviewed on the Indian war effort 97 Navajo family with their sailor son 135 A "Mercy Caravan" reaches needy Indians at Gallup, New Mexico, 1947 172 Page xi Preface Beginning in 1969 with the publication of Vine Deloria's Custer Died for Your Sins, there has been a continuing stream of scholarly monographs and popular accounts detailing the history of American Indians.

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