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This is normal and a good thing! However, if another car plows into you, or if the pit bull attacks, your amygdala can become oversensitive the next time you are in a rainstorm or encounter a pit bull. Having these experiences will not necessarily cause you to develop a panic disorder. But if you refuse to drive when it rains, or you stay away from all dogs, the fear of these encounters grows and can contribute to your developing an anxiety disorder. If you avoid rainstorms or dogs, your amygdala doesn’t have an opportunity to adjust to the fact that rainstorms and dogs aren’t necessarily dangerous.

Fact: Alcohol destroys deep sleep. It is common for people to have alcohol-related insomnia during the mid-sleep cycle. Alcohol also dampens your deep and REM sleep. Physiological Effects of Alcohol Alcohol is toxic to your brain. It lowers blood flow to your brain. It also impairs your brain chemistry by degrading the operation of your neurotransmitters. This means that you’ll produce fewer of the neurotransmitters that you’ll need to stay calm and focused. The degradation of your neurotransmitters causes numerous emotional and thinking problems.

Dopamine levels drop, resulting in fewer feelings of pleasure and motivation. Norepinephrine levels fall, resulting in a decreased ability to think clearly and remember. Alcohol also depresses neuropeptides, the brain opiates that include endorphins, in turn depressing your immune system and causing you to be more susceptible to viruses and other illnesses. Finally, if you are suffering from chronic pain connected to an injury, the intensity of your pain will increase over the long term, even though you may feel temporary relief after a drink.

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