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By Philip K. Hitti (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1349005681

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This was Augustus Caesar (d. D. 14), imperator and founder of an empire which developed into the most powerful and the most extensive the world had hitherto seen, an empire that was to endure as a unit for three and a half centuries. The eighth month of our calendar bears his name. Babylon on the Euphrates, Nineveh on the Tigris, Thebes on the Nile, Khatti near the Halys seemed as if they had never existed; Rome on the Tiber stood supreme from the Atlantic and to the North Sea to the Persian Gulf and from the Rhine and 59 A Short History of Lebanon the Danube to the African Sahara.

As Seleucid power declined Lebanese mercantile cities pressed toward self-determination. Certain privileges and rights, featured by issuing their own coinage, were given them. C. Before that date Aradus had coined large quantities of silver. On Tyrian coins we find two legends, one in Greek acknowledging dependence on Seleucid kings and the other in Phoenician expressing a measure of independence. Tripoli, Byblus, Sidon and Acre likewise achieved autonomy. As such they could settle local disputes by themselves without resort to royal courts.

Baal in U garitic poems is given the epithet "rider of the clouds"; Jehovah in Psalm 68: 4 is given virtually the same epithet. As a matter of fact this entire Psalm together with Psalm 18 abounds in Canaanitisms. Psalms 88 and 89 have headings expressly attributing them to authors with Canaanite names. Psalm 29 is a modified version of a hymn to Baal. Job 37 : 2-5 makes thunder the 41 A Short Hist01Y of Lebanon voice ofJehovah ; so do Psalm 29 : 3-5 and 2 Samuel 22 : 14. In Canaanite literature leviathan is a "writhing serpent", which it is in Isaiah 27: I.

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