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By William Tindall

First released in 1959, William York Tindall's Reader's consultant continues to be thought of to be the easiest advent to the complicated writings of James Joyce. From Dubliners to Finnegans Wake, Tindall's wisdom is as finished because it is authoritative.

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But this reaction is only the first of a series which, as the light fails, ends with enlightenment1 Never was epiphany more gradual. ), and guilt by knowledge. Withholding love, he has betrayed her and, what is worse, himself. Betrayer, furthermore, of humanity, an "outcast from life's feast," he is alone. Not Mrs. Sinico but Mr. Duffy is the painful case. The beast, as Henry James puts it, has sprung from the jungle-and the Tyger from Blake's forest. Mr. Duffy's deadly sin is pride or, as Freud puts it, ego.

Nothing alien is alien to romantic, socially-climbing Jimmy. Enamored of Frenchmen and Hungarians, even Englishmen and Americans, he finds their cars and yachts his Pigeon and his Buenos Aires. Bitter realization of his "folly" comes with the grey light of day. The image of the race, occurring here for the first time, recurs in Ulysses. There it is for a Gold Cup; here it probably goes round and round and, like something on the circular track of A Portrait, gets nowhere. TWO GALLANTS Joyce felt more at home with these two bums.

The rejection and death of Parnell figure in A Portrait and his possible return in Ulysses; but the Phoenix motif, generally there by reference to Dublin's happily named park, occurs not only in "A Painful Case" and in "The Dead" but throughout Finnegans Wake. Joyce's novel of resurrection. Mr. Hynes' Phoel1i~, rising from his flames, takes its place among 'many references to fire: The story opens with the attempt of old Jack to encourage the reluctant fire. 13 Although some critics have found Jack's fire an intimation of Hell, to which all of Joyce's Dubliners seem committed, there is little in the immediate context to support this opinion.

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