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ANTONYM: (n) overtone. pang, sorrow, throe. ANTONYMS: (n) pleasure, joy, euphoria, bliss, mistress: (n) dame, concubine, happiness, ecstasy, peace, content. madame, inamorata, lady, lover, endure: (adj, n, v) continue, support; fancy woman, doxy, girl, kept (n, v) bear, suffer, stand, be; (v) woman, missis. accept, undergo, allow, stay, tolerate. ugly: (adj, adv) surly; (adj) nasty, ANTONYMS: (v) perish, die, break, repulsive, frightful, forbidding, fall, discontinue, crumble, end, enjoy, disagreeable, hideous, gruesome, resign, quit, collapse.

VOITSKI. We were asked by the professor to be here at one o'clock. [Looks at his watch] It is now a quarter to one. % HELENA. Probably a matter of business. VOITSKI. He never had any business. He writes twaddle, grumbles, and eats his heart out with jealousy; that's all he does. SONIA. [Reproachfully] Uncle! VOITSKI. All right. I beg your pardon. [He points to HELENA] Look at her. Wandering up and down from sheer idleness. A sweet picture, really. Thesaurus absorbed: (adj) rapt, intent, immersed, idlesse.

It is the consequence of the ignorance and unconsciousness of starving, shivering, sick humanity that, to save its children, instinctively snatches at everything that can warm it and still its hunger. So it destroys everything it can lay its hands on, without a thought for the morrow. And almost everything has gone, and nothing has been created to take its place. % HELENA. I know so little about such things! ASTROFF. There is nothing to know. It simply isn't interesting, that's all. HELENA. Frankly, my thoughts were elsewhere.

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