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By Jean Plaidy

ISBN-10: 0307346234

ISBN-13: 9780307346230

Torn among her heart’s ardour and accountability to her country, a tender queen makes a gloomy selection…
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester used to be the main robust guy in England throughout the reign of Elizabeth I. good-looking and smart, he drew the curiosity of many women—but it was once Elizabeth herself that enjoyed him better of all. Their courting can have culminated in marriage yet for the lifestyles of Amy Robsart, Robert's tragic younger spouse, who stood among them and refused to be swept away to fulfill a monarch’s wish for a guy that used to be now not rightfully her personal. but if Amy unexpectedly dies, lower than conditions that many deem to be mysterious at most sensible, the Queen and her lover are put lower than a gloomy cloud of suspicion, and Elizabeth is compelled to choose that may outline her legacy.

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Robert had never taken kindly to such arts and graces; he would show his prowess on a horse or at the games, which he always won. But on that day when the young girl came to the nursery everything was different. Her hair was red, her eyes blue, and she had a sparkling quality which would bubble into laughter or as suddenly into anger. Robert was quick to sense that all the children were afraid of her, and that she was afraid of none, even though her brother was heir to the throne and she was called a bastard.

He was smiling as he looked along the river toward Westminster and Greenwich. And it so happened that in her new apartments at the Tower of London, Jane gave birth to her fifth son. She called him Robert. He was the most handsome of all her boys. In the first few weeks of his life she knew that he would be the best beloved. He was lustier than all the others; he had been born with a thick down of hair; his eyes flashed more brightly than she believed eyes had ever flashed before; he demanded his own way from the beginning.

Quickly the years passed whilst ambition smoldered. Jane was fulfilling her task more successfully than John fulfilled his. She had given him four sons and three daughters; and she was about to bear another child. Jane remembered the day long afterward. She was happy enough in the garden of their Chelsea manor house with the river lapping at its edge. She was thinking of her beloved children—and wondering whether the one she now carried would be a girl or a boy. How blessed she was in her four handsome sons!

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