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By Manfred Görlach

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The 1st dictionary of its sort to supply an exhaustive comparative therapy of the effect of English on different ecu languages. protecting 16 chosen languages from varied language households, entries encompass phrases that are recognizably English in shape and which look in at the least one of many languages verified. Entries are created from a quick definition, via a precis paragraph containing a wealth of historic and linguistic details. Many entries also are observed by means of a grid summarizing the distribution of the notice throughout Europe.

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19708, via Fr (3) = gimnasticd aerobica Rs aerobika F [U] end2OC (3 you, mod) Po aerobik [aerobik] M, end2oc (2) Cr aerojbika F [U] 19808 (2) Bg aerobika F [U] 19808 (3); aerobik cp1 (3) —> aerobna adj. Fi aerobic [airobik::] 19808 (3) Hu aerobik [aerobik/e:robik] [U] 19808 (2) Al ajrobik [ajro'bik] M, pi. -e (i you) Gr aerojbik F/N usu. sg. [U] 19808 (2) > trsl aeroviki (ghymnastiki) I aero via si Aerotank* n. 'a vessel for sewage disposal' Rm aerotanc N, 19708 (1 tech) Rs aerotenk/aerotank M, pi.

Ge [=E] N, pi. -s, 19708 (i mod) = Appartement (5Fr) Du - < appartement (5Fr) Nw [=E] pi. -s, 19808 (i mod) < appartement (5Fr) Sp - < apartamento It appartamento (5Fr) Rm - < apartament Rs (sFr) Po (sFr) Cr (5Fr) Bg - < apartamgnt (5Fr) Hu (5Fr) Al apartament M, pi. appeal -e, 19608 (3/5Fr) Gr apartment N, pi. 01-s, end2oc (2 mod) > apart(e)mgji (5Fr) appeal n. 4 'attractiveness; an appealing quality' This word appears to have been channelled in by the widely popular '[sex appeal. Since it has to compete with a large number of synonyms (and there is no real need for a loanword) its currency is, unsurprisingly, quite limited.

The work of looking after a child or children when the parents are out' Ge [=E] N, 19608 (i rare) < Babysitten Du babysit [bejbisit] C, mid2oc (2) Fr baby-sitting M, 19608 Sp [=E] M [U] 19908 (i rare) It [bebi sittirjg] M [U] 19508 (2) > baby-sitteraggio Rm (0) Po [beibisitink] N, end2oc (2) Cr [=E] M [U] mid2oc (2) Gr <=E>/beibisiting N [U] end2OC (2) back1 (i) n. 4b 'defence' (football) A first wave of football terms was accepted in the late i gth or early 2Oth century and was variously affected by purist measures to establish native equivalents.

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