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By Carroll F. Terrell

ISBN-10: 0520036875

ISBN-13: 9780520036871

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At 91/614, "the steps" are 44. [Asked about the disparity in 19n, Pound affirmed 44, which would include the arena pavement. FR; cf. ] 3. Baldy Bacon: Francis S. , fl. 1910, American businessman whom Pound met at CANTO XII Sources Mostly nonliterary and personal experience. Odyssey I, 3. the old Weston boardinghouse at 24 East 47th Street during his 1910 visit to America. " 9. " 10. " 11. Mons Quade: An associate of Baldy Bacon's. In "Stark Realism" [Pavannes] Pound wrote about Quade: "This little American went to the great city Manhattan.

14. They say he dodders ... : Refers to the siege of Rimini begun by Federigo in the winter of 1462-63 but lifted in 1463 because the plague had broken out in both the city and the countryside. The lines express the hope that Sigismundo might himself have fallen a victim to the plague. IS. rottenes' peace: Although Federigo in 1463 had taken neither Rimini nor the famous La Rocca [9: 10], the peace dictated by Pius 1l all but ruined Sigismundo Malatesta [8:5]. 16. Quali lochi ... " Under the peace treaty dictated by Pius 11 in 1463 Federigo d'Urbino was awarded the lion's share of the Malatesta domain, which had once extended across the Marches of Ancona and included many towns and fortified places.

4l. Old Pills: Ugolino de'Pili, Sigismundo's old tutor. Benzi charged Sigismundo with having Ugolino and his sons imprisoned and murdered. The falsity of the charge was proved when Ugolino emerged alive from jail (where he had been put for conspiring agamst Srgrsmundo's life). 42. Et les angloys ... : MF, "And the English unable to eradicate ... " Poss. refers to the burning of Joan of Arc by the English 30 years before the burning in effigy of Sigismundo. , Rene of Anjou's daughter Margaret, 1430-1480 [cf.

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