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By Georgette Heyer

ISBN-10: 1402218001

ISBN-13: 9781402218002

Who might kill the best gentleman?

When Ernest Fletcher is located bludgeoned to loss of life in his examine, everyone seems to be surprised and mystified: Ernest was once good loved and revered, so who might have a cause for killing him?

Superintendent Hannasyde, with consummate ability, uncovers one soiled little mystery after one other, and with them, a bunch of individuals who all have purposes for short of Fletcher useless. Then, a moment homicide is devoted, giving a ugly twist to a truly strange case, and Hannasyde realizes he is up opposed to a killer on a mission...

"Ranks along such incomparable whodunnit authors as Christie, Marsh, Tey, and Allingham."--San Francisco Chronicle

"Given the opportunity i may fortunately eat a stack of her novels one after the other."
-A paintings In Progress

"A few issues that you're assured if you happen to decide up a Georgette Heyer novel of any type are special characters and a fast moving plot."
-We Be Reading

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