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8,789 phrases Of knowledge is brimming with nice suggestion, maxims, sayings and saws, proverbs, precepts and truths-8,789 of them, to be precise. flip to any spot within the booklet and there's the key to dwelling a happier, more fit, saner, extra effective lifestyles. discover ways to unlearn. enjoy the questions up to the solutions. Stretch past what's cozy. There are folksy expressions polished soft through the years: in the event you imagine you could, you could. adventure is the simplest instructor. rates: those that comprehend do not communicate, those that converse have no idea (Lao-tzu). whether you are heading in the right direction, you will get run over if you happen to simply sit down there (Will Rogers). unforeseen turns: hear together with your eyes. logic comes from adventure and event comes from undesirable judgment. Taken jointly it is the final resource of self-improvement.

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Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see If you can sell it to yourself, then you can sell it to anyone A great dessert can wipe away the memory of a bad meal If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all It takes incredible strength to give Retiring means enjoying a second childhood Treat your friends like family and your family like friends Long-lasting lessons are usually learned at a steep price Love is a great investment Nothing succeeds like persistence There is little assurance when we entrust our happiness to others Be moderate in all things Some things look better from a distance Look for the truth Take your hobbies seriously Knowledge frees a person Knowledge is gained by hard work and desire Do not expect kids to listen to your advice and ignore your examples Let your character speak for you Be kind to strangers In between birth and death, you can do a lot of living Don’t try to explain everything The only person who never, ever forgets your birthday is you Seek honor first, pleasure will follow Obstacles are meant to be surmounted Appreciate being happy Spend your time and energy creating not criticizing Completion is a habit Your conversation is the mirror of your thoughts It’s not the goal but the set of the sail that determines the way you go Mind over matter Be good and you’ll be happy You never know a person until you live with her Accept what comes and meet it with courage Sometimes it is better to incur a loss than to make a gain The past was once the future Freedom is one of the easiest things to abuse Keep facing toward change Become a skilled learner Learn with enthusiasm Wish for your happiness more than the unhappiness of others Everything is easy if you enjoy doing it Recognize the difference between the great and small things in life It is not who is right but what is right that’s important Silence is often the key to success Every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness You get what you pay for Hesitate for a good reason Learn to seek satisfaction in a job well done Never depend on the admiration of others Laughing at your own jokes makes them funny to at least one person There is no harm in asking When you realize you’ve made a mistake, try to correct it Freedom is within everyone’s grasp When you inspire others, you are truly rich When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece Practice what you preach One should not be in a hurry to be distressed Bury “can’t” and you’ll find “will” Do not look for wrong and evil Trust yourself Everything sounds romantic in a foreign language Choose work that is in harmony with your values Grandparents treat their grandchildren differently from the way they treated their children The less you have, the more content you can be No man is an island Set a good example Decide on an inner discipline to protect yourself Give thanks for your food Successful leaders inspire other people We are all citizens of the world Eat what you like Ninety percent of life involves drudgery, so make the other 10 percent count Know when to forgive yourself The unknown is feared by weak souls Profit from your mistakes The conditions will never be perfect Never send a dog to deliver a steak Be open to new ideas It is okay to be content with what you have, but not with what you are Greed creates waste Work your mind and body together Nature’s laws are constantly changing Luck favors those who are prepared The end of desire brings peace Self-confidence is the best confidence Reinvent yourself Prayer is a wish turned upward Girls will be girls Desire for your neighbor what you desire for yourself Get your heart to be conciliatory Life cannot repeat itself We’re all eligible for life’s small pleasures Life is not sold with a guarantee The door to success is always marked “push” Sacrifice is a key to enjoyment When the going gets tough, the tough get going Encouragement from a good teacher can turn a student’s life around The best is yet to be When talking to people smarter than you, something is bound to rub off Make a wish list Living a good life should be exhausting Doing is more valuable than saying Action without thought is like shooting without aim Gaining someone’s trust is an awesome feeling With the power of thought comes the ability to think positively or negatively Never talk to a drunken or angry man It is better to make an enemy than an excuse Knowledge grows like a tree: slowly and on fertile ground Children and war do not mix Use delicate politeness in your friendships Knowing how to find knowledge is the first step toward wisdom Ask for a raise when you have earned it You never get the past back Nature works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Some questions have no answers Recognize opportunities Try to make someone happy each and every day Once you find you are interested in a subject, dive in Become better than you were Make sure your dreams help you Actions and words are the windows through which the heart is seen Be a good friend Pride yourself on virtue You do not have to keep running after you have caught the bus In a good relationship, each person helps the other one grow Money often costs too much Take the credit where it is due Keep your head when those around you are losing theirs Whatever interests, is interesting Always keep your spurs on If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail A life should not be judged until it is over Truths last forever Be willing to change the way you play the game Acknowledge a gift, no matter how small Adversity is like taxes and death; it happens to everyone What the eyes see can change what the mind believes Education is a great equalizer Adventures are enjoyed even more when you get home Once a decision is reached, stop worrying Hate seldom disappears on its own Be as useful as you can A career never takes the place of a home where love reigns You cannot undo anything that you did in the past Art can free the soul Change happens to most people unconsciously Sometimes you need other people in order to reach an individual goal Pain nourishes courage People like people who complement/compliment them Remorse is the poison of life Ambitious people are never bored Sometimes old methods of dealing with things do not work Take everything in stride Never be idle Do not get off the ladder before you reach the ground Darkness teaches you to appreciate light Your children can embarrass you better than anyone Use a good mind well In unity there is strength Courtesy costs nothing and is contagious Limits must be tested Anxiety brings old age too soon The fear of change is usually far worse than the actual change Success always requires a certain amount of order The more things change, the more they are the same (Alphonse Karr) Invest heavily in yourself A disease known is half cured Leave much to show for the time you spend here A true smile occurs when the mouth and heart are coordinated Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t Communicate your ideals by example Believe in hope, work, family, learning, knowing, loving, and with a little luck, happiness will come To act is easy; to understand is hard Let yourself be capable of showing emotions Everyone meets the future What lies behind and before us are small matters compared to what lies within us A kind heart is a fountain of gladness Leave your mark on life while you have it in your power The more people become educated, the more they become equal Public office is a public trust You always find time to do the things you really want to do Fools rush in where angels fear to tread Keep questioning Don’t judge people by appearances Some ideas will last forever Understand your strengths and weaknesses Trust in your own untried capacity Don’t go to bed angry Learn to complete what you begin Do what you love and success will follow If you fear death, then you cannot live When love beckons, follow it Poetry is more than just written words Make sure you are understood Treat humanity as a means as well as an end Do it right the first time Traveling up a hill is easier on a bicycle built for two than on a bicycle built for one Keep breathing Play has a high value Believe in other people’s potential Let happy thoughts heal the soul No one is better than anyone else Focus on the big picture Ask questions instead of issuing orders Fear either makes you strive to accomplish things or stops you Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects (Will Rogers) Things have a way of happening that need to happen If you have to whisper it, better not say it If you dare to fail miserably, you can achieve greatly There is no one universal definition of a family Everyone to his own opinions Wealth is a state of mind Your achievements live longer than you Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast Peace of mind is always present; you just have to learn how to find it You need the will to succeed in order to succeed The eraser disappears before the pencil Love is the cornerstone, the foundation Everyone can have a happy life, but not everyone wants to Some people have to be burned before they learn Joy is the best wine Keep your foot on the mark The paradox of life: when you are young, you want to be older; when you are old, you want to be younger Build castles in the air, but put foundations under them It is better to live with gusto than watch life pass you by The ladder is ascended step by step You must shift your sail with the wind There is no perfect pleasure unless the conscience is at rest Action is our chief joy Every joy has its sorrow If you think about tomorrow, then you are not living today Everything belongs to nature Listen and learn Read every day Life is art, not science Everyone can become intimidated You will experience everything if you live long enough Resist the desire to tell people how they can do something better Envy is the biggest cause of ruined friendships Spend more energy on the things that make you happy and less energy on the things that make you unhappy Love is the heart’s power The only food for thought is more thought Act like the person you want to be Some people who enter our lives change it forever Kind words can be short and easy to speak Suffering can make you stronger Unless you can do better, do not criticize The memory that you leave behind is your memorial The future is never sure The optimist makes his own heaven and enjoys it as he goes through life Never underestimate the power of love Angry thoughts make angry people A diamond is a chunk of coal made good under pressure Manage stress Life’s “withs” and “withouts” are about equal One fantasy can transform one million realities You cannot experience happiness unless you can forgive yourself The bonds of matrimony are like financial bonds: if the interest is not kept up, they become worthless It pays to be on the level Don’t make a date for anything more than a month in advance Even if you do not see something, you can still have faith that it is there Even givers have their limits Everyone is beautiful with a smile No great person ever complains of want of opportunity He that has knowledge spares his words Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it Compare yourself to you Enter a room with nothing to prove String your pearls on a strong cord Add up the experiences of your life to total a great sum An insult lasts longer than an injury Some things seem easy at first, but they are easier said than done Nobody dies of a broken heart The world likes a happy person Love comes unseen Do not try to seem wise to others We are living examples Muddy water, if permitted to remain still, will gradually become clear Don’t save anything good for later Concentrate on everything you do Children respect parents who respect them Doubt is the key to knowledge Face adversity with a smile A fault confessed is half redressed If you are wrong, at least be wrong with style Hang in there Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to carry on with dignity in spite of it (Scott Turow) There is more room outside than inside You are older longer than you are younger Will this be important five years from now?

INTRODUCTION There are many ways to live a good life, and 8,789 Words of Wisdom is designed to help you find which ones are right for you. It is an interactive book, intended to challenge you to interpret the meaning of your life and then to act upon that new knowledge. It is unlike other self-help books because it is not “one size fits all”; it will become something different each time you read it, according to your circumstances. One line may resonate deeply with you; whereas another line may have great significance for someone else.

To my “wise guys,” Kyle Kipfer and Keir Magoulas: Thank you for the inspiration. There is no more challenging job than raising children, and for that we all need a lot of wisdom! INTRODUCTION There are many ways to live a good life, and 8,789 Words of Wisdom is designed to help you find which ones are right for you. It is an interactive book, intended to challenge you to interpret the meaning of your life and then to act upon that new knowledge. It is unlike other self-help books because it is not “one size fits all”; it will become something different each time you read it, according to your circumstances.

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